Sanur Village Festival 2014 Bali

Kite Competition

Let the games begin!

Sanur village festival is an annual event which runs for four days, this year (2014) the dates were from 20th to 24th August, there is a slight variation on the dates from year to year. The festival offers a range of cultural activities such as water sports which includes the racing of traditional Indonesian Jukung boats fully equipped with sails!

Indonesian Jukung Boats

Surf competitions, dance performances, music and food festival along with the highly popular Indonesian tradition of kite flying is to name but a few of the activities on the Sanur Village Festival program.
Here I will be concentrating on the final day and the Kite (Layang in bahasa Indonesia) competition.

Balinese Long Tail Kites

The kite competition sees hundreds of people from all over south Bali pooled together in groups from their respective area to fly some of the biggest and most interesting kites you are likely to see in Indonesia. Each flying challenge lasts around 20 minutes and the category of kites ranges from small to big to enormous.

Taking up position

Even the small kites which normally the youngsters tend to fly need a number of people to carry out a succesful flight but the biggest kites can have a team of around twenty people and rope is used to fly these monsters as standard kite string would not stand a chance in high winds at the height these things fly!

Team of kite flyers with whinch

A whinch is used to safely release rope and allows some sort of control over the biggest kites when taking to the skies and for reeling it in it is also an essential part of the overall equipment.

Another team of kite flyers head out to take their place

Musical Procession

The event attracts a huge crowd similar to that of the Sanur Annual Kite Festival which also showcases during the summer months.

Spectators watch from a distance

Proud Winners

The actual Venue of the competition is at Mertasari Beach (Pantai) in Sanur. The turquoise waters of the sea are directly behind the main flying area. A big sandy expanse of wasteland usually reserved for such events which can clearly be seen on Google maps as a landmark.

Protection from the harsh midday sun is a must!

Smaller variety of Balinese Kite

A lot of the kites tend to have pieces of bowed bamboo which make up the framework and create a humming sound as they hover in the air due to the vibration of the kite string which actually bow's the bamboo as can be seen in the image above.

                     Fighting for Control                                                              Exhibition Kite

All in all a great way to spend the day if you have never been to a Balinese kite festival, plenty of food and drinks available at the location but little shade i'm sorry to say. If it's a clear and sunny day come prepared with at least a hat and enjoy this cultural pastime, it's a must see if you are in Bali at the right time of year.

Flying the Team Flags

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