Dragonflies of Borneo


Neurothemis fluctuans - Grasshawk Dragonfly

On a trip to Kuching in Sarawak Malaysian Borneo at the start of the year I was lucky enough to be able to stay with a very good friend of mine who was kind enough to show me some amazing sights that the area has to offer such as the wildlife and countryside of the surrounding area.
With visits to such places as Semenggoh national Park (Orangutans), Bako National Park (beaches, bearded Macaques, bearded Pigs, Proboscis Monkeys and a whole host of other wildlife), Matang which is a type of Orangutan rehabilitation centre and Kubah National Park I was able to enjoy what Borneo is famous for.

Neurothemis fluctuans - Male

Sarawak as with the rest of Borneo be it Sabah state in north Malaysian Borneo or Kalimantan in the larger Indonesian part of Borneo is teemiing with flora and fauna. The flora consists of huge hardwood trees, tropical fruits and some amazing species of pitcher plant and orchids. Many of which can be viewed without trekking deep into the jungle and scaling giant trees to reach the canopy or higher branches where many epiphytic orchid species tend to inhabit. Kuching Orchid Sanctuary, not far from the centre of town and just a short ferry boat ride over the river has an amazing showcase of Bornean orchids on display.

Neurothemis terminata - Female

But alas this is not what this post is all about but rather wildlife or to be more precise odonata species of Insecta, my blog wouldn't be complete without a post on the Dragonflies of Sarawak. So far previous posts include dragonflies of Philippines, Japan and U.K. and in the not too distant future I will be posting Dragonflies of Indonesia which will be far more varied than this one. But hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Rufous backed marsh hawk dragonfly - Brachydiplax chalybea - Male

Brachydiplax chalybea - Male

I didn't have a great deal of time in Sarawak with which to discover too many species but the ones I did I am very pleased with. As always a complete joy to watch as they skit about and a wonder to behold when under the lens of Macro!

Neurothemis fluctuans - Female

Borneo itself has a vast amount of dragonfly species of which many probably are still to be discovered. Rainforest, pools, ponds, irrigation channels, swamps, anywhere there is a body of water and the conditions are right for laying eggs and food for them is abundantly available they will inhabit including rice paddy fields!

Anax panybeus

Anax panybeus

Orthetrum testaceum

Orthetrum serapia

Brachydiplax chalybea and Neurothemis fluctuans

Orthetrum testaceum and Neurothemis terminata

And last but not least a stunning Demoiselle damselfly spotted by a river which they love to inhabit flitting about majestically between sun and shade of the wet tropical flora displaying their metallic coloration.

Calopteryx virgo

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