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After a long hiatus I am back to blogging and already I've quite literally got the bug! (pun intended)...


Summer as usual in the U.K has been an up and down affair with a mish mash of topsy turvy weather or at least that's what I've been led to believe but one thing I've noticed when out and about in the countryside with the camera is the natural beauty of the beasts that live alongside us. Some so small they pass most people by without being noticed but a macro lens enlarges them beautifully so we can see what funny looking characters they are and how quite scary they must be to even smaller creatures.....
Not this fellow though, he looks like a contented soul..

Squirrel-inca hungricus

Look out Ladybird, he's coming to get you!

Aeshna mixta Dragonfly

Taking time out......

As nice and instantly appealing as some wildlife creatures are they all seem to have a dark side or is that just nature, like human nature?
Take for instance the lovely Robin Red Breast...

"Robins are territorial all year round; during the spring and summer this territoriality is for breeding, but at other times individual robins hold territories for feeding. Robins will defend their territories to the death, and so in the poem "Who killed Cock Robin?", another Robin rather than a sparrow would be more likely:"
Who killed Cock Robin?
I said the Sparrow,
With my bow and arrow,
And I killed Cock Robin.

At least this one had some food available from which to feed rather than making himself busy pecking out my eyes!!! Although this fellow does seem to be looking at me somewhat haughtily.

Erithacus rubecula

What about spiders, we all know what they are capable of but there web buidlings skills are astounding so we can let them off for having a killer instinct and methods which make Hannibal Lecter look like a pussy cat compared, in saying that pussy cats can be downright nasty too!

Garden Spider - Araneus diadematus
(don't let them fool you though)

Sounds like this post is dwelling too much on the negative sides of our wildlife, is that politically correct or should we say they are all beautiful harmless beasts just caught up in a world full of war and inconsolable grief?

Hover fly gathering pollen or some such substance

And what drives them to kill, is it for fun as with some members of the human race who choose to amuse themselves in that way or is it out of neccesity, me thinks the latter but that would'nt bother the chap or chapette above who seems to be vegetarian. Look out for the spider though!

And lastly, to finish on a warmer and more positive note what harm did the butteflies ever do....

Well maybe no harm but they have been known to have some bad the website has discovered.

Apatura iris - Purple Emperor feeding on dogshit

Polyommatus icarus - Common blue feeding on horse shit

Anyway aside from the somewhat unorthodox eating habits of the butterflies I will leave you with slightly more aesthetically pleasing images of lepidoptera.

Inachis io - Peacock Butterfly

Peacock underside

Gonepteryx rhamni - Female Brimstone Butterfly

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