Togakushi - Winter Wonderland

The Ski Season Begins

                                                      Togakushiyama and Takatsumayama

This last week has brought serious snow at long last to Koshimzu in Togakushi (Nagano Prefecture), Japan. And just in time for the winter Ski Season. Temperatures have dropped below freezing and a few days of constant snowfall has left the area looking like a fairytale winter wonderland. The Picture above needs not much explanation, the snow covered mountain ridge is that of Togakushi which can be seen in previous posts without the abundance of snow and the somewhat loftier pyrimidal peak behind that is Takatsumayama. This is the kind of view one gets skiing down Mt. Menou ski slopes as these mountains face each other.

Lower Slopes of Togakushi Mt. Menou Ski World

Officially the Ski Season at Mt.Menou Ski world started on Saturday 19th December. As you can see from the above photo taken 2 days ago it's not very busy yet but in fact it's actually a great time to visit because the crowds have'nt gathered but it won't be long......

There has been about a metre of snow in total over the last week and the last couple of days brightened up beautiful gifting the first skiers or snowboarders of the season with beautiful clear blue skies, glorious sun and stunning snow covered mountain vistas. There is even a cheap deal on for this first week of opening with day tickets costing 2,500Yen for adults, 2,000Yen for over 60's and 1,500 for Children, that's almost half of the normal price which is 4000Yen for Adults. The deal only lasts until Friday 25th Dec though so it's what you could call a short lived incentive to get here over the next couple of days.

Skiiing in Togakushi can be a wonderful experience and is open throughout the whole of winter from the end of December until Mid-April when weather conditions are perfect for it.
Here's some statistics about the slopes :-

1.  The longest course is 3000 metres

2.  Max Elevation 1748m

3.  Min Elevation 1200m

4.  Steepest Slope 31 Degrees

5.  Number of Courses - 18

6.  Number of Lifts - 10

7.  Daytime Hours 8.30am to 5pm

8. No Nighta

For more information  - Japanese Website
                     - English

Icicles at the Ski Station

Modern Snowplough with lots of work to do!

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