Seasons Change....

How fast the seasons change....
Amazing to think that in the mountains of Togakushi in Japan, the Autumnal weather is already approaching.
One thing to get excited about though is the changing colour of the forest, it will be nice to walk up some place high somewhere and get a birds eye view of the forest canopy with the leaves of the trees changing. Reds and yellows, fading greens and crimson/purple colour of the Japanese Maple tree leaves, with a backdrop of a georgeously crisp blue sky and the light of the fall. Should get some really nice pictures.

Few days ago I ventured upto the top of Mt. Menou at 1748m above sea level. A steady hike as Togakushi is already at an altitude of roughly 1200m.



As you can see, beautiful wild flowers, wild Hydrangea growing on the overgrown Ski slopes along with some wild asters and what would be called in the UK - Ornamental grasses. Togakushi Mountain range is in the background.
It is said that on a clear day from the top of Togakushi Mountain one can see the legendary Mt. Fuji in the distance and that really would be in the distance because it must be a couple of hundred kilometres away!

What you see here is known as 'Mount Menou Snow World.' A couple of Ski Lifts and the slopes obviously at this time of year devoid of all snow...

For anybody interested in the nature of the ski slopes here (number of courses, lifts, steepest slope etc.) through the winter months and depth of snow plus temperatures along with prices for day/season tickets just click on the following link. SnowJapan, a very informative website for Togakushi Ski area and also for many other ski areas found throughout Japan.

More Togakushi flora, could'nt help but capture some of these beauties after the extended rainy season we had!
I seemed to have unwittingly picked a theme here, I hope nobody objects to the overall Blueness of this post, at least its 'just' summer still so I guess that bluey feel is'nt as cool as it would be during winter. Brrrrrrr, dread the thought!

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